I have been working nearly a decade as a personal tour guide.


As a Dutchman it's a real pleasure to show you around in my own country.


About Henks Tours

Over the years I have travelled for work and for pleasure to many countries around the world and this has led me to appreciate the beauty of my own country, The Netherlands, even more.


For over twenty years I have worked in different capacities for the UN, The Dutch Government and Non Governmental Organisations. I still love to travel and visit other countries, amongst others in Asia and Africa. A few year ago, we drove by car from Cape Town to Kenia.


For several years I worked for different tour companies and gained considerable experience in the touring industry. I like meeting people and taking you around.


As a citizen of Amsterdam for more than 40 years I like to share with you my broad knowledge of the city and of the Netherlands. Tell me what you would like to do and I will organise it for you.

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